image_WChhQJ5.jpeg (image_T6SlKRf.webp)Elbow injuries can be debilitating and life-changing in a negative sense. In Susan’s case, her injury marked the beginning of a series of surgeries with Dr. Mark Yaffe at Barrington Orthopedic Specialists. Her treatment ultimately improved her life, led to significant improvements in her mobility, and alleviated her daily pain.

Susan was kind enough to share her story below and explains how Dr. Yaffe enabled her to regain strength, mobility, and quality of life:

Tell us about your right elbow prior to your procedures. What was your diagnosis? How did it affect your life?

On 3/6/21 I tripped over a board at home, falling on my right side and elbow, crushing my arm, elbow bones, and ligament. I am very active and right-handed so it was life-changing. I was transported to NW Community Hospital via ambulance and was told I needed a trauma specialist. The emergency room gave me a list of their trauma specialists. (This was also during COVID.)

What made you choose Barrington Orthopedic Specialists and Dr. Yaffe?

I have been going to Dr. Schroeder at Barrington Orthopedics since he began his practice 40 years ago and have all the confidence in him. I assumed that he would only have quality doctors as part of his practice so I looked up Dr. Yaffe. I am thankful I did.

You required multiple procedures for your elbow. What were they? What was the end goal for you and Dr. Yaffe?

Our end goal was to make my arm, elbow, and hand as fully functional as possible, and also to help with the ulnar nerve pain. I had 3 surgeries in total. The first [was] to put it all back together with hardware. [Second,] I experienced such nerve pain that Dr. Yaffe had to reroute my ulnar nerve. This is a very delicate procedure. And third, I just had my hardware removed to see if it would allow more mobility [in] turning my hand.

How was your experience with Dr. Yaffe and the BOS team? How did they help you prepare for your procedures?

I cannot say or praise enough [about] Dr. Yaffe, his nurses, the surgery staff, rehabilitation team. His nurses always responded promptly to our calls and questions. I always felt better before surgery to see my surgical nurses there to take care of me. I knew I was in good hands. Thank you Ana, you were there for every surgery. My rehabilitation [with] Katie (occupational therapist) was excellent too.

And Dr. Yaffe, I so admire his expertise and dedication. He always listened to me and evaluated what I was saying about my symptoms. He also consulted with other doctors about my case and nerve issues. I couldn't ask for better.

Tell us about your recovery process. How did the BOS team assist you? What was the most rewarding part of rehabilitation? The most difficult part?

The rehabilitation team was wonderful. The most difficult was my first few visits with the pain, but they encouraged me. I chose Katie to be my therapist and to work with me ongoing. She was very skillful and helped me to continue to do certain exercises that I continue to do.

How is your elbow feeling today? How has the outcome of your surgeries changed your daily life?

My last surgery was in February to remove the hardware so it is still tender in places. I can turn my hand better so I can now put on my eye makeup… very important. I still have to eat with my left hand but can manage. I still have numbness in my hand due to the ulnar nerve.

Is there anything you’d like to say to Dr. Yaffe and the team?

You all have changed my life and I am so thankful to each and every one of you!

Thank you to Susan for answering these questions for us! If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Yaffe’s expertise in upper extremity surgery, schedule an appointment with us. If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Yaffe, visit his profile here.

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