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Orthopedic Specialist in the Greater Chicago Area

Minimally-Invasive Surgery

Dr. Mark Yaffe is an experienced and dedicated orthopedic surgeon with extensive experience in minimally invasive surgery. His practice is focused on helping his patients regain their mobility and reduce pain, using the most advanced surgical techniques available. He specializes in minimally-invasive base of thumb arthritis surgery and utilizes technologies like Tenex FAST(opens in a new tab) for tennis elbow and shoulder REGENETEN for rotator cuff pathology to achieve superior outcomes for his patients.

The goal of Dr. Yaffe's work is to ensure that each patient gets back to their lifestyle as quickly as possible, free from pain or discomfort, while avoiding the need for open surgery where possible. His dedication to innovation helps make sure that every patient receives the best care they deserve, allowing them to enjoy a better quality of life without compromising on safety or efficacy.

If you’re ready to explore the possibilities available from the top orthopedic surgeon Greater Chicago has to offer, schedule your first appointment with Dr. Yaffe’s office today. We look forward to helping you get back to your best self.


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Hand, Wrist & Elbow Treatments from Top Orthopedic Specialist

Minimally-Invasive Procedures for Upper Extremities

Dr. Mark Yaffe is a premier minimally-invasive upper extremity surgeon, offering advanced solutions for joint replacement surgery and rehabilitation. He specializes in treating both common and complex medical conditions with innovative technology and surgical techniques that deliver superior outcomes for his patients.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Base of the Thumb Arthritis: Dr. Yaffe uses a unique, single-incision technique without the need for cutting or harvesting tendon, which makes use of a cast postoperatively unnecessary.
  • Shoulder REGENETEN (Bioinductive Implant): Helps stimulate tissue growth to assist in healing and improve patient outcomes following shoulder reconstruction.
  • Tendonitis Hand Treatment: Uses minimally invasive techniques to effectively manage inflammation and reduce pain.
  • Tenex FAST(opens in a new tab) Elbow Epicondylitis Surgery: Utilizes Tenex’s unique fast evacuation system to accurately diagnose and treat elbow tendinosis.
  • Selective wrist neurectomy: Offers a 20 minute soft tissue only procedure to help alleviate the pain from advanced wrist arthritis, avoiding the need for bone fusion procedures or bone removal.

Dr. Yaffe uses only local anaesthesia for about 95% of his patients undergoing carpal tunnel release, finger release, and finger and mass excisions. This approach has a number of benefits, including:

  • Reducing the risks associated with formal anesthesia
  • Significantly reducing the cost of the procedure
  • Eliminating the need for formal medical clearance
  • Allowing patients to function normally and drive following the procedure

Dr. Yaffe’s commitment to providing the best care possible helps his patients reach their full potential, free from pain or discomfort so they can enjoy their day-to-day life without limitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “minimally-invasive” upper extremity surgery mean?

Minimally-invasive upper extremity surgery utilizes advanced surgical techniques and technology to treat conditions of the shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, and hand with reduced tissue damage, create smallest possible incisions, use removable protective splints rather than casts postoperatively, and reduce downtime from work and recreational activities. This also includes using local anesthesia whenever possible (local numbing medication) rather than general anesthesia, which reduces surgical risk and decreases recovery time.

How does Dr. Yaffe perform minimally-invasive thumb joint replacement?

Dr. Yaffe’s technique utilizes a single incision to access the base of the thumb and does not cut any tendon tissue, which is different than standard techniques. He utilizes a postoperative removable splint for protection, rather than a cast, which patients strongly prefer. Most patients require minimal postoperative therapy, as this method is less invasive than traditional open joint replacement surgeries, and allows for faster recovery times with minimal scarring and reduced postoperative pain.

Do you accept insurance for a Tenex procedure near me?

Yes, Tenex FAST is typically covered by insurance. This procedure uses a minimally-invasive technique, including a 0.5cm incision to treat chronic painful tennis elbow.

How can I get started with the best orthopedic doctor near me?

At Dr. Yaffe’s practice, we want it to be as easy as possible to get started on your road to recovery. Just use our simple online appointment request tool.

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