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Expert Peripheral Nerve Surgeon Near Chicago

Microsurgery & Nerve Repair

Dr. Mark Yaffe is an experienced and trusted orthopedic hand surgeon who specializes in the field of upper extremity nerve repair and microsurgery. With advanced training in microsurgical techniques, Dr. Yaffe has dedicated his career to helping people recover from complex injuries and improve their quality of life.

Dr. Yaffe’s goal is to get patients back to their lifestyle as quickly as possible, using advanced technologies such as the Axogen(opens in a new tab) suite of nerve grafts and conduits for surgical repair. Whether it's a complex nerve injury or a simple procedure, Dr. Yaffe will work with you every step of the way to ensure optimal outcomes for your recovery.

If you’re ready to return to full function and take back your life with the top orthopedic surgeon Bartlett, IL has to offer, Dr. Yaffe is ready to help you. Schedule your first appointment with Dr. Yaffe today and get started on your road to recovery.


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Peripheral Nerve Surgery Specialist

Axogen Nerve Repair for Symptoms of Nerve Damage

In cases of traumatic upper extremity injuries, nerve damage can cause problems like numbness, tingling, and permanent loss of function. As one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in the Chicago area, Dr. Yaffe is experienced in using the latest technologies to repair injured nerve tissue and restore maximal range of motion with minimal scarring and pain.

When performing these delicate repairs, Dr. Yaffe utilizes Axogen(opens in a new tab) nerve graft products, which offer the most advanced solutions for nerve injury treatment and repair. These include:

  • Avance Nerve Graft: A human-derived allograft nerve tissue specifically designed for the repair of peripheral nerves.
  • AcroVal NSMTS: A nerve stabilizing matrix technology that helps stabilize and accelerate regeneration for long-term nerve health.
  • Avive Soft Tissue Membrane: A polylactic acid membrane designed to protect the regenerating nerve from external environments such as scar tissue.
  • AxoGuard Nerve Protector: A biodegradable collagen matrix that provides a stable environment for protecting and guiding regenerating nerve tissue.
  • AxoTouch Two-Point Discriminator: A device that helps clinicians assess nerve health and integrity, identify compression injuries, and improve outcomes.
  • Guard Nerve Connector: A device that creates a direct connection between two nerve segments to promote functional recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a nerve graft? When is it necessary?

A nerve graft is a surgical procedure in which synthetic or prepared nerve tissue is transferred to a site of nerve damage or injury to help the body in the nerve regeneration and healing process. Nerve grafts offer a significant advancement in the field of nerve repair, allowing surgeons enhanced ability to reconstruct and repair injured nerve tissue, which can yield improvements in long-term function.

Nerve grafts can be used for reconstructive purposes to help restore sensation or motion after trauma or injury. The graft can also be used to bridge two severed nerve endings together and promote regeneration of a functional connection between them.

What are the most common causes of nerve damage?

The most common causes of nerve damage include injury, infection, diabetes, nerve compression (such as carpal tunnel syndrome), vitamin B12 deficiency, drug side effects, and toxic chemical exposure.

How do I know if I need nerve damage treatment?

Signs that you may need treatment for nerve damage include tingling, numbness, pain and weakness in the affected area. Other symptoms associated with nerve damage include burning sensations, loss of reflexes or coordination, loss of sensation to heat or cold in the affected area, and difficulty moving the affected body part. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to seek medical advice as soon as possible.

How can I get started with the best orthopedic doctor near me?

At Dr. Yaffe’s practice, we want it to be as easy as possible to get started on your road to recovery. Just use our simple online appointment request tool.

Chicago’s Nerve Repair Specialist

Expert Orthopedic Care from Mark A. Yaffe, M.D.